This is my first experience (in my whole life) of being truly homeless. I have been bumming couch to couch for a whole week today. Literally living out of a suitcase, or two. It is definitely not an ideal situation; however, I have been diligently looking for both a job and an apartment. Apparently, my lack of employment deters most people from wanting to live with me. Imagine!

I have  “screening” interviews, which is what people call informational interviews (especially when they don’t have any jobs  available), with two prestigious journals in New England this week. I also walked around to a few bookstores here in Mass and applied for jobs–like I’m a high school or college student looking for part time/minimum wage.

I keep getting calls from all kinds of people: realtors, people with rooms to rent, people who need nannies, people who may have a temp job open in a few weeks, etc. So, it seems like all of the essentials–a place to live and a job–are almost coming into focus. I guess I just have to wait it out…oh, and keep looking at apartments, keep emailing people about jobs,  filling out online applications, and ROCK my personal interviews (duh).

About Natalie Ramm

I read a lot, y'all.
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