The Search Continues

I love my hometown, but it’s time to pack those bags and get a move on. So, imagine my excitement when I get a call from a company in a large North Eastern city about an internship opportunity. This internship is not only  paid–a rarity, I assure you–but also the potential gateway to my career of choice: book editing.  I have been an avid reader all of my life, and I have always thought: why not make a career out of what I like to do? What a novel idea! Of course editing is not all about reading (there is a fair amount of writing, researching, babying authors, etc.), but reading is a HUGE part.

Art–my minor in college–has also always been a large part of my life. My resume actually says something like: looking for a way to utilize a strong academic background in English and Art. What a beautiful combination: both with so much depth and potential for interpretation. So, this publishing company up North is a children’s book company. Could it get any more perfect? Think about it. What is it about a book that makes a kid (or a parent for that matter) pick it out of a plethora of colorful spines? Well, the eye catcher is the illustration (aka ART). I almost think that the story is secondary to the illustration, especially if a kid is too young to read. Of course, that’s a circular argument because there would be no images without the story to first inspire them.

Back to the point, I have my second interview with this company today. After all of my huffing and puffing about never getting call-backs from online applications, I finally got one. Now, I’m hoping for the best!

About Natalie Ramm

I read a lot, y'all.
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